Primary Inclusion



The Primary Inclusion Centre supports Primary Schools across the city in addressing and meeting the educational needs of pupils with behaviour difficulties. The centre works closely with mainstream schools, parents/carers and other agencies, in making provision for identified pupils.

 The key aims of the centre are to:

·         reduce fixed term exclusions.

·         prevent permanent exclusions.

·         enable pupils with behaviour difficulties to succeed in their mainstream school

·         provide quality education to pupils attending the Primary Inclusion Centre to support a positive and successful re-integration:

  • back in to their mainstream school

  • in to a new mainstream school

  • in to specialist provision


The centre provides:

·         Whole School Support

·         Direct Primary Inclusion Centre Staff to School Staff Support e.g.

  • developing the skills of identified staff in behaviour management

  • drawing up policies e.g. Behaviour Policy

  • writing Positive Handling Plans and other support plans

  • making submissions for Multi Professional Assessments.

  • drawing up transition plans for pupils moving from Year 6 to Year 7

·         Outreach Support for indentified pupils.

·         Short Term Placements at the centre for identified pupils (1,2,3 or 4 day placements)

·         5 day placements for pupils at high risk of Permanent Exclusion

·         5 day placements for pupils moving into Sheffield who have a history of Fixed Term Exclusions or a Permanent Exclusion from mainstream school on their records.

·         a named member of staff for each pupil who will be responsible for overseeing the provision made by the Primary Inclusion Centre. They will attend all planning meetings and maintain regular contact with schools, agencies and parents/carers through meetings, phone calls and Home Visits.

·         daily feedback to schools and parents/carers for pupils accessing the centre

·         plans and support to enable successful re-integrations back in to mainstream school

·         transition plans for pupils moving to a new mainstream school or specialist provision..

·         a Fast Response Team – a telephone call will be made within 24 hours of an urgent referral being received. Dates and times for meetings in school (within 3 days) and with parents/carers (within 5 days) will be identified; An Action Plan will be put in place within 10 days of the referral being made.



The curriculum offered at the centre is personalised in order to meet the individual needs of each pupil. Nurture principles run through the whole curriculum.



Head Teacher: Tuesday Rhodes

The Primary Inclusion Centre

Spring Lane


S2 2JQ



Telephone: 0114 2835866

Fax: 0114 2531989

Spring Lane ( and its bases)  is  a referral unit for students 11 - 16 who have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school.  KS4 pupils at Spring Lane and its bases will follow a core curriculum offer of English, Maths, Science, PSHE and OCN Diploma in Skills for Further Learning and Employment.  They also have the option of studying two of PE, DT and Art.  Pupils are also able to access the external providers across Sheffield through the Extended Curriculum Team, this is through discussion with the Head of Key Stage 4, and the Deputy Headteacher.

KS3 pupils follow a generic timetable as in mainstream, made up of English, Maths, Science, Art, DT, PE, PSHE, Citizenship, Geography and History.

Pupils who attend Spring Lane and its bases are given the opportunity to be taken to 'Fair Access Panel' - this is a chance to gain a place in a different mainstream secondary school.  Pupils will only be taken to 'Fair Access Panel' if their attendance at Spring Lane is above 95%, and they show a very high standard of behaviour, again, this is through discussion with the Deputy Headteacher.


Behavioural expectations at Spring Lane and bases re as in mainstream school.  Pupils are expected to attend every day, treat staff and each other with respect, and show respect for property and the building.  Where students find it difficult to conform to expectations at Spring Lane, and bases sanctions of varying severity will be put in place and additional external support and assessment may be required in order to pursue a Statutory Assessment for Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties.


Spring Lane and bases work very closely with partner agencies such as Police, Community Youth Team, Youth Justice Service, Educational Psychology, Social Care, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and MAST as well as parents and carers of our pupils.



Head Teacher: Tuesday Rhodes

The Secondary Inclusion Centre

Spring Lane


S2 2JQ



Telephone: 0114 253 1988

Fax: 0114 253 1989

There are two strands to the Sheffield Inclusion Centre:


  • Primary Inclusion Centre based at Spring Lane.

  • KS3/KS4 Centre based at Spring Lane and 8 bases across the city.


The Primary Inclusion Centre and the KS3/KS4 Centre and bases support children and young people from across Sheffield in KS1-KS4 who are either displaying challenging behaviour in mainstream primary school or who have been permanently excluded from mainstream secondary schools.

Key Stage 3 and 4 PRU - Spring Lane