School Aims

Primary PRU


Key Aims of the Centre

  • reduce fixed term exclusions

  • prevent permanent exclusions

  • enable pupils with behavioural difficulties to succeed in their mainstream school

  • provide quality education to pupils attending the Primary Inclusion Centre to support a positive and successful re-integration

    • back in to mainstream school

    • in to a new mainstream school

    • in to a specialist provision

Our Services

  • Whole School Support

  • Direct Primary Inclusion Centre Staff to School Staff Support e.g.

    • developing the skills of identified staff in behaviour management

    • drawing up policies e.g. Behaviour Policy

    • writing Positive Handling Plans and other support plans

    • making submission for Multi Professional Assessments

    • drawing up transition plans for pupils moving from Year 6 to Year 7

  • Outreach support for identified pupils

  • Short Term Placements at the centre for identified pupils 

  • 5 day placements for pupils at high risk of Permanent Exclusion

  • 5 day placements for pupils moving into Sheffield who have a history of Fixed Term Exclusions or a Permanent Exclusion from mainstream school on their records.

  • a named member of staff for each pupil who will be responsible for overseeing the provision made by the Primary Inclusion Centre.  

  • regular  feedback to schools and parents/carers for pupils accessing the centre.

  • plans and support to enable successful re-integration back in to mainstream school.

  • transition plans for pupils moving to a new mainstream school or specialist provision.

  • a Fast Response Team - a telephone call will be made within 24 hours of an urgent referral being received.  Dates and times for meetings in school (within 3 days) and with parents/carers (within 5 days) will be identified. An Action Plan will be put in place within 10 days of the referral being made.


Spring Lane and bases 

The KS3/4 Centre is a Pupil Referral Unit for young people aged 11 - 16 who have been permanently excluded from mainstream school.

As well as the Spring Lane site, we have many small bases spread across the city – Firth Park, Fir Vale, Herdings, Graves Park, Southey, Parson Cross, City Centre and Woodthorpe

  The main aims of the centre are:

  • to work in partnership with local mainstream secondary schools to prevent permanent exclusion

  • to prepare students for and support them through reintegration (to either mainstream or special school) following permanent exclusion

  • In the case of students in Key Stage 4 who cannot return to mainstream school, the successful transition of students from Year 11 to either continued full-time education at Key Stage 5, work based training or employment.

In order to achieve our aims, we offer young people the opportunity to achieve, to raise their self-esteem, confidence and social skills and to see the value in learning.  Through a consistent approach and a clear rewards/sanctions system, we work with young people to develop strategies to enable them to manage their own behaviours.  Through self-regulation, young people can then enjoy success in settings outside of the Centre.

We offer a range of qualifications and experiences designed to meet the learning needs and social development of the young people, small class sizes and a personalised curriculum, including vocational placements.