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Our single purpose is to make a positive difference to the lives of young people

Welcome to Sheffield Inclusion Centre




Head Teacher - Tuesday Rhodes

Welcome to the Sheffield Inclusion Centre. It is my privilege to work with our exceptional staff in providing the support, care and fresh start for your son or daughter. Our single purpose is to make a positive difference to the lives of young people. We do this by focusing on the needs of the young person and their family and putting together a personalised plan to build in success, modify behaviour and rebuild self-worth.

We achieve this with a range of personalised learning pathways and by surrounding the young person with a team who care and believe in them. The team is made up of teachers, mentors, teaching assistants, therapists, outreach workers, Virtual Education workers, etc. We are fortunate enough to be supported by a range of external agencies from health and social care.

The majority of our young people have found mainstream education challenging and often come to us thinking they have failed. It is our job and our passion to change that perception and to find the key that will put your son or daughter back on the right tracks.

The majority of young people will only be with us for a limited time as they will be reintegrated back into mainstream. On returning to mainstream we provide a mentor to ensure the transition is successful.

However, for some of our young people reintegration may not be possible. Young people come to us with unrecognised Special Educational Needs and in some cases a full assessment of need is carried out resulting in an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). In some cases, these young people maybe better placed at a Special School and again we will ensure we support that transition.

Other young people might find returning to mainstream overwhelming and in such cases a full-time education package which may include the use of Alternative Provision will be put together. We work closely with a select group of trusted, LA approved providers who share our purpose and values.

Our young people learn inside and outside the classroom. They acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to be the best they can be and to ultimately enjoy a worthwhile and fulfilling life.

Our single purpose is based on these values.

  • Everyone deserves a fresh start and access to an appropriate curriculum

  • Everyone can aspire when they start to feel success

  • Everyone learns differently and at a different pace

  • Everyone functions and learns better when they feel safe and there are routines

  • Everyone needs support to alter their behaviour and mind set

  • Everyone needs to know about the opportunities in order to take them

  • Everyone needs others to believe in them, care for them and respect them

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