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PSHE Lead - Debbie Denial (

All schools must teach PSHE education, including Relationships Education in Primary and Relationships & Sex Education (RSHE) in Secondary.

At the Sheffield Inclusion Centre we have developed a bespoke programme which meets the needs of our pupils and follows statutory guidance. Some aspects of RSHE will also be delivered as part of the Science curriculum. 

When our pupils leave us we want them to: 

  • Be safe 

  • Make informed choices 

  • Understand their rights and responsibilities 

  • Respect others 

  • Know how to seek help & support 



The core elements of our curriculum are underpinned by 

  • Consent 

  • Relationships 

  • Influences (including online) 

  • Brain health 

  • Signposting 



The following strands are interweaved throughout the years, this ensures that pupils make connections between the strands – eg impact of drugs & alcohol on brain health / relationships


       Intimate & Sexual Relationships 

       Online & Media 

       Physical Health 

       Brain Health 

       Wider Safety 

       Economic Wellbeing 


Each Lesson will contain 

  • Knowledge needed to make informed choices 

  • Rights, responsibilities and the law 

  • Viewpoints of others 

  • Opportunities for discussion 

  • Signposting 

We always work with families and we will consult with you on what is being delivered. If you have any questions about the content and resources used then please get in touch. You do have the right to withdraw your child from any of the non statutory sex education which does not form part of the Science curriculum, however we would encourage you to work with us and discuss any concerns you may have.