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Congratulations to our class of 2023.

2023 saw a return to pre Covid grading for exams following the years of pandemic disruption. Our pupils have risen to the challenge and have secured the grades needed in order to take their next steps.

Our range of vocational qualifications including Sports Studies, Construction, Food Technology, Health & Social Care, Esports & Art has allowed our pupils to smoothly progress onto appropriate college courses with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. 

Key Highlights

In addition to a portfolio of vocational qualifications, our pupils also achieved well in their core subjects.

55 out of 60 Y11 pupils (91%) were entered for English & Maths GCSE (2019 - 60%)

85% of our pupils passed at least one GCSE (2019 - 46%)

58% of our pupils passed English & Maths (2019 - 32%)

51% of our pupils passed English, Maths and Science (2019 - 22%)

100% of our pupils entered for 5 GCSEs passed all 5

100% of our looked after pupils passed GCSE Maths & English

81% of our EAL pupils achieved 1 or more GCSE

73% of our EHCP pupils achieved 1 or more GCSE or equivalent